Kind & Cozy | London Fog

Happy Autumn, Dearies!

I wholeheartedly reject the notion that Autumn falls on September 22nd. I've been the psycho burning Warm Buttered Cashew scented candles, wearing acorn necklaces, and brainstorming how to decorate my room with sparkly twine and fabric leaves from Michaels. September 1st marked the first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season, and as JK Rowling describes this day: "Autumn seemed to arrive suddenly that year. The morning of the first September was crisp and golden as an apple.”

Jumping head first into the festivities, I wanted to launch a celebratory series for all of the Autumnal and cozy recipes that make me warmhearted! The first: a London Fog Tea Latte.

The London Fog Tea Latte is a delicious blend of Earl Grey Tea, Vanilla, and frothed milk. In the past, I'll admit that Earl Grey has always been a bit too 'perfumey' for my tastes, but when blended with Vanilla, it is the bees knees, and the perfect elegant drink to warm your Autumn heart.


  • Earl Grey Tea of your choice: I used Harney & Son's Organic Earl Grey Loose Tea. I recommend loose tea as they offer the most wonderful full bodied flavor. 
  • Vanilla Flavoring of your choice: Some use Vanilla extract or the vanilla bean itself. I use Monin's Organic Vanilla Syrup
  • Milk (Whatever Kind of Milk You Love)
  • a French Press (or frothing wand) for Frothing Milk: Normally, a french press is used to brew an elegant cup of coffee. However it does wonders with frothing milk. I've used the wand as well, but I think using a French Press offers such luxurious foam! Thankfully both are affordable on Amazon. I purchased my Bodum Chambord for around $30.
  • Your favorite cup.
  • A nice candle.
  • A good book: I'm currently reading The Gilded Years by Karin Tanabe and it is captivating.

First, fill your cup halfway, and steep your tea for five minutes (or as directed by the brand of your choosing). Meanwhile, warm your milk. After your tea has fully steeped, stir in the sweetener of your choice. Once your milk is warm, pour it into your french press (or a cup, if you're using a wand). Use the Press to plunge your milk for a minute. You will see the milk foam up and rise right before your eyes. Pour what's left of your warm milk into your tea, and top it loving heaps of foam. Voila! A London Fog tea latte.